How do you calibrate a sound calibrator?

Quote from video: First is switching the frequency weighting to a weighting press the ac key until dba appears on the lcd switch the time waiting to fast press the fs key until fast appears on the lcd.

How often should a sound level meter be calibrated?

once every year

We recommend that equipment is returned for calibration once every year. This fits in with most calibration and service schedules and with many noise measurement regulations. Some regulations, such as those for UK and EU Noise at Work, state that the calibration should be carried out at least every two years.

How do you use a sound level meter?

How to Use a Sound Level Meter

  1. place the sound level meter at a sufficient distance from any obstacles or reflectors.
  2. place the microphone of the sound level meter about 1,3 – 1,5 m above the ground.
  3. place the microphone of the sound level meter in the direction of the sound source.

Do sound level meters need calibration?

If you’re measuring to any Standard, Regulations or Guidelines it is vital to calibrate your sound level meter. If not, the accuracy of your measurements could be called into question.

What is noise calibration?

A field calibration is a simple check of the instrument that checks it against a known level (usually 94dB or 114dB) at a known frequency (usually 1kHz) using an acoustic calibrator.

What are calibration standards?

What are calibration standards? Calibration standards are devices that are compared against less accurate devices to verify the performance of the less accurate devices.

What does a sound calibrator do?

A sound level calibrator is a small hand-held device that emits a tone of very accurate level and frequency.